Salary Tax Calculator Pakistan 2012 -13

On June 3, 2012, in Tax calculator, Tax News, by Aamir Ilyas

Salary tax calculator Pakistan 2012-13

In order to facilitate salaried persons to calculate their tax liability for the year 2012- 13 ( from July 2012 to June 2013), I have developed a simple salary tax calculator Pakistan 2012-13 in Excel.  Enter your annual salary in the specified field of the salary tax calculator and it will calculate your annual as well as your monthly tax liability. Annual salary can be calculated by adding your gross salary before deduction of tax. Remember if your employer is NOT providing you medical facility then you may subtract medical allowance from your gross salary.

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Click here to download Salary Tax Income Calculator Pakistan for 2012 – 13 

In the year 2012-13 the government of Pakistan has reduced salary income tax slab from 17 to 5. These slabs are given at

Tahir says:

Dear Amir Sb., good job.

Dear All, following is the formula.

Annual Salary = (Monthly salary – Medical Allowance) x 12
Normally medical allowance is 6.7 % of monthly salary
Annual Salary = (Monthly Salary – (0.067 x monthly salary)) x 12

Muhammad Amjad Karim says:

According to your tax calculator a person who has a total salary ofRs2550,000 has to pay a tax of Rs 430,000 taking home Rs 2120,000 whereas a person who has a total salary of Rs2450,000 has to pay a tax of Rs253,750 thus taking home Rs 2196,250 which is Rs 76250 more than a person who has Rs 1000,000 more salary than him how it is possible. There must be some compensation formula.please check

muhammad amjad karim says:

According to your tax calculator a man earning 2498000 will pay a tax 262150 .So he will take home an amount of Rs.2235850 where as a person earning 2502000 will pay a tax 420400 thus taking home an amount Rs.2081600 How is that possible

abdul ghani says:

Please guide us how to calculate income tax i.e.notional interest on advances (markup of Loan of an employee) this tax added on taxable income of an employee while calculating tax. Thanks

zia ullah javed says:

realy a good gob done keep helping people

Ahmed says:

How much will be medical allowance exemption if Annual gross salary is 6,00,000/- in a private company.

Naveed says:

10% of gross salary


The tax calculator is a joke ……… un professional

Zubair Khan says:

Dear Amir, I download your tax calculator file and put my gross yearly salary but I am sure your calculator wrong calculation of monthly tax. I also read your slab the last two slab is wrong.

Zubair Khan

Mehtab Khan says:

Salam! Can you please send me my salary tax calculation on my id which is my annual salary is Rs.26,64,000

mukhtar says:

Dear Amir Sb.please forwarded complete calculation formula of salary income tax. If Annualy salary income is 1200,000/=, how to claculate it for income tax.

saleem wastani says:


adilsher khan says:

if salary annual salary is rs.900,000 than what will the monthly deduction and is there marginal relief apply in 2012-13

saleem wastani says:

2708/- per month 32500/- per year

jugnoo says:

plz show the calcultions behind your formula

Shahid says:

Dear Amir sb,
I need I. Tax file for FY 2012-2013

ASAD says:

what will be tax on annual Salary of 4115388?

Ab Aziz says:

my salary is 68500 / month. how many tax i will pay /month


I want to see the complete details, i.e what are the actual slab rates & marginal relief or anything else….. kindly accord it if possible ……Overall formula is superb……

sk says:

zohaib if your income is 820000 your tax will be Rs. 24500 anual

Saqib Khan says:

Thank you sir

mehran says:

good job done

Amir Mughal says:

Aamir bhai! If I pay Jun-12′s Salaries in Jul-12, than which slab’s period will apply (2011-2012) or (2012-2013)

rizvi says:

income on behbood certificate and pension account is taxable or not,

zohaib says:

my gross salary from july 2011-june 2012 was 820000/- rs.plz tell me the total anual income tax.there is a confusion that wether we should include or exclude 350000/-rs from total income.thnx

asim says:

I downloaded the Income tax calculation sheet but excell file did not open plz send the links from which i download the excell sheet.

Umer says:

i have downloaded the calculator but its a zip file how can i use this i can see xml files in it and i ask the same question yesterday but my comments are deleted can someone please look in to this

Abdul Ghani says:

Annual taxable salary Rs.780000 what will be annual Tax. I have calculated Rs20500 but by another formula comes to Rs 54000, which one’s is correct guide me in detail. if your formula calculate only 380000 after rebate i.e. 780000-400000=380000

Aamir Ilyas says:

20500 is correct. the calculator placed at other website is wrong and for previous year. i.e. 2011-12

Umer says:

i have downloaded the file but its file contain some XML files and some folders can you please tell me how to use this calculator

Abdul Ghani says:

upgrade your browser or load Firefox

Asad says:

Employees above 60 have rebate on their 10% salary as they will pay tax on 90% of their gross Salary

Hassan says:

What about provident fund? is excluded? e.g if my salary is Rs 10,000/- and PF Rs 1,000/-. what will be my taxable income (assuming no other benefits or anything). Rs 9,000/- or Rs 10,000/-.

Thanks is advance

Aamir Ilyas says:


Asim says:

As per my understanding the gross salary is taxable. Isn’t that make 10,000 taxable?

Waqas says:

On what allownces we have to pay tax ? Plus can i get a proof/reference in order to show it to my company bcoz they cut the tax on my basic salary (below 4 lakhs) as well. And that way i have to pay whole 4.5% of my salary to tax.

Aamir Ilyas says:

download finance bill. Tax is to be paid on all allowances.

Abdul Ghani says:

Any tax exempted for special allowance for performing the duties I.e.
computer allowance etc. in 2012-13 as per income tax ordinance 2001,
specially granted to meet the expenses.

Abdul Ghani

abdul ghani says:

Any tax exempted for special allowance for performing the duties I.e. computer allowance etc. in 2012-13 as per income tax ordinance 2001, specially granted to meet the expenses.

Abdul Ghani

Mrgenious2u says:

Good Job done Aamir

Cbms_l says:


Shafique925 says:

Thanks you are the 1st who performed this good job. it is beneficial to us.

Zee says:


javed says:

good job

Junaid Ahmed says:

It is not downloading. May be there any problem with it.
check and repair the link plz

Iqbalshahs says:

Not able to download it …

jehan bahadar says:

this is very good exercise bt i wud like to ask wat abt house rent allowance. is that taxed too?

Abdul Monem Riaz says:

Well done Aamir Ilyas.
can you also show a calculation so i can satisfy the finance section also.
I ahve a contract upto December 2012. And 2013 is not promissed.
that means i will get the salary of 6 months and pay the tax on that.

Muhammad hussain says:

Well done brother.Will you please elaborate the   incentive & privileges granted to  the holder of  “taxpayer honour card” as proposed  in budget please.

Ishtiaq sial says:

well done aamir .

Diamond Ali says:

good n simple
if u can  provide detail of exemption available for salary class.

Anjum712 says:

Very good job done. the formula provides a quick help to calculate income tax.

Athar says:

Really a Good Work Sir

Muzamal Naseer says:

Nice job done bro :)

Zeeshan says:

How is it possible that they reduced taxes by 50% ? it is approved and implemented ? 

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